We used our knowledge of brand management and plugging skills to give Snapdeal great exposure when it was struggling. Snapdeal was an original concept back in 2010 as the Internet was still alien for many people. Snapdeal was offering heavy discounts on entertainment, dining, lifestyle products and services, similar other medium and heavy ticket consumable in return for enhanced visibility and increased consumer base to merchants. However, the target group did not buy the idea immediately, accustomed as it was to purchase over the counter where they could touch, feel and test the quality of the products. People feared misuse of credit card information and theft.
We set our sight on the youngsters as they're always enthusiastic about new concepts and start trends, which led to changing opinions for everyone else. In 2010, youngsters were very dependent on TV for entertainment. MTV was a youth channel while the niche crème-de-la-creme leaned towards channels like TLC and NDTV Goodtimes. We picked the hugely popular 'Roadies' with a massive young viewership, to plug in Snapdeal. . The host Rannvijay introduced Snapdeal as a new, young and exciting portal where there were great deals waiting to be grabbed and highlighted it further by giving the team of 'Roadies' a task around Snapdeal. The exposure that Snapdeal got on 'Roadies' was immense. We went on innovating relentlessly and promoting Snapdeal in each city day and night. An tiring production schedule to match the airing of the show could not put a dampener on our spirits to build the brand perception just right.
Snapdeal is one of the biggest success stories today.

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