While most of the online companies mostly swear by traditional methods, ours are custom created and unconventional. People today take to social media to celebrate events, festivals and other nuances of life. To help grow Sushmabuildtech's fan base and social media engagement, we launched a campaign during Holi of 2014, that seemed to catch people by their imagination. We put up a post on Sushmabuildtech's Facebook page, encouraging people to share their most colourful Holi memories on the Sushma Facebook wall. Every week the top five photographs with the most 'likes' would be rewarded.

All the pictures posted on the Sushma wall every two days were further developed into big pictures put on Sushma hoardings erected in a few prime locations. The buzz around the Sushma page on Facebook was rapidly attracting more people as there was no logo but a lot of colorful pictures put up every alternate day. Those who had participated were ecstatic to see their colour-clad pictures displayed on the giant Sushma hoardings that in turn caught everybody's eye as they passed by these prime locations.

Rewards were given away to all those participants who had won and the winners posted about this on their walls, which were further liked by their friends. The campaign had become a huge engagement program shooting up the likes on the page and posts. Apart from the humongous number of people we managed to reach out to it was the trust we built. Women and girls who initially felt feel hesitant about sharing their profile pictures on social media sent in group and solo pictures soaked in Holi colors. Our quirky method worked wonders making the campaign a huge success. This is a great example of how to connect with an online customer base.

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