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Launching Nike Air in India was as monumental a task as any. In the absence of a TVC made for the Indian market, backed with a good media budget, pushing the brand's flagship product for the first time in India was not an easy task. Besides, shoes priced at INR 5 to 7 thousand in 2000 were very high. Though the brand did not have a very high expectation from the Air series, the buzz created around the series was conducive for escalation of sales of other lower priced products. Our integrated campaign was bound to be even more effective than a TVC. We started a “we all have certain air” campaign. The launch of the Nike Air series was the first ad campaign to be developed for the Indian market. We had ads on multiple half and full-page ads all across the country in two leading dailies from each state and region. These ads created a flutter in the market.
To enhance this buzz, we started co-branding on the famous MTV channel and sponsoring their outfits with Nike Air branded apparel and shoes. Since these shows had a big following among the youth, this campaign caught the right eyes. Nike was a trend in the making. For more exposure, we did some open-air road shows in Delhi and Mumbai with VJ Nikhil going up to people and talking to them wearing Nike Air shoes and branded apparel. Also, we started sponsoring exclusive shows and printed major articles in print and ads on TV for the Nike Air series launch. Nike Air also co-hosted a myriad of sporting events, earning a name by branding many rising tennis stars and increasing awareness about them on the front page of daily supplements like Delhi Times. The campaign had brilliant result owing to great use of all the mediums.

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