Are you a small and medium enterprise, a growing company, a start-up? Are you looking for that experienced and successful brand manager who can turn your dream into reality, but don't have budgets to hire him/her as a regular employee ?

Well, here is the solution. Hire the experience and successful brand managers with commendable track records. You can decide between number of days a week to number of hours every month for engaging one of BRAND WAND Managers under this program. Our talent pool of 'Great Brand Manager on hire' is highly dynamic and versatile. What separates BRAND WAND Managers from the one you can hire full-time is their exposure, experience and effective and efficient implementation through solid work and vendor connect. They take much lesser time and efforts to do what your full time inexperienced newcomer Brand manager may achieve by learning and doing things through trial and error method.

It's a win-win situation for both of you (the Company) and the BRAND WAND Managers as you get to hire an experienced Brand Manger for a small part of the actual CTC and the Brand Managers gets to work on various other Brands earning him/her precious accolade and more than regular CTC. It's this 'win all' formula that makes this initiatives, a sure click for all the SME and starts ups.

As this initiative is backed by BRAND WAND, you not only get what you hired the Brand Manager for but also holistic guidance and functional support from the BRAND WAND as a marketing communication and brand management house. Needless to say BRAND WAND enjoys a diverse and dynamic repertoire that has gotten in shape in last two decades by its presence in four different countries of the global economy.

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