In the day and age when different advertisements are vying for your attention, what gives your ad an edge is its creativity. When two competitors are selling products having the same function marked at the same price, what sets them apart is how creatively you sell it. If it is not interesting, it is just another ad on your home feed as you scroll down. Buyers have become more clever than ever in their purchase choices. These buyers know creative the moment they see it, but the challenge is to give them consistent and top-of-the-line service.
Creative development is our strength as our approach is always 'different'. Our expertise, knowledge and repertoire give us a definite edge when compared to other creative hot shops.
When it comes to creating the most popular creative deliverables, we leave no stone unturned, utilizing print ads/campaigns; we put up attention grabbing outdoor and electronic ads and organize campaigns. We make print, TV or electronic brochures for corporate/business/product. We also make print or AV presentations of the company, offer or product. Also, we use posters, PO, Retail designs and also implement ideas such as direct mailers, window displays, E-mailers, invites, B2B and B2C collaterals, internal communication material, newsletters, banners, and online collaterals. Our expertise and knowledge comes in good use when custom developing creative design.

We have partnered with Max Life Insurance since 2007 in the Creative Development department. Their communication to all their Indian General Offices was the very foundation of their organization, and very important to keep their insurance agent motivated and inspired for better sales. It's an extremely important job. Yearly financial results are heavily dependent on the performances of these agents. Our range consists of creative development of various campaigns over the years. However, to give an example of Creative Development, let's delve into the Star Achievers Club awards. Insurance industries have global promotion and recognition awards for high performances for several companies. MDRT and Summit are some of the aspirational awards. The MDRT is the most prestigious award for any insurance agent.
Max Life Insurance wanted a reward and recognition program to reward the best agents of its company, creating a motivation for agents to sell more policies. Not only would the rewarded agents be proud to belong, the recognition of their achievements would propel them to do more. After a session of brainstorming, we came up with the name 'Star Achievers Club' with a corresponding brand logo and visual elements. For leverage over other insurance agencies, we included an introduction film, rewards and recognition brochures, inspiring and motivating mailers, posters, and rewards program handouts to grab the interest of target groups. The plan took off beautifully as more people enrolled to win awards. We designed a creative design to inspire those who were left out in the race, making it widespread. The idea of club awards as a shiny goal trickled down to grassroots of agent recruitment to encourage them to perform and earn their stripes. Later, we made short films on these achievers and broadcasted them in local theatres and cinema halls to bring attention. Star Achievers Club impressed with its creative premise and is a very successful agent motivation program.




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