Ancient Egyptians created papyrus signs and steel carvings to advertise their goods as long back as 2000BC. Advertising is as old as the human race and has evolved along with it. This oldest form of marketing communication is used to persuade audience to take on or continue some action, usually with respect to a commercial offering or political or ideological support. In Latin, ‘ad vertere’ means ‘to turn toward’ and that is what the end objective is always for any company, group, community or people who do it in their favor. It reaches out to the target audience through newer mediums every day. We offer advertising in all shapes and forms known to humans and more. Starting with a full page ad in print as you unfold your newspaper every morning, to the TV jingle you hum along to with the TV running. From the radio
Sometimes start-ups with great potential but low capital as well as large companies who want to get into public trading resort to IPO or funding. A funding/IPO campaign or communication exercise is aimed at generating funds or investments for the company. To make people believe in the company, enough to want to invest hard earned money in it, Funding or IPO campaigns are undertaken. We advertise to inform people about the company and its core values and mission, to generate favorable public or investor opinion. Suitable for both B2B and B2C companies, we do aggressive advertising to arrest the attention of the target audience through all possible mediums. Communication approach and content of the IPO campaign may differ from that of funding campaign; however they both are motivated towards
It’s simple. Integrated Marketing communications ensures that all forms of communication and the marketing message are synced together. It’s combining promotional means together. Coming down to basics, an integrated marketing campaign combines mediums such as print, broadcast advertising, public relations, direct marketing, email marketing, digital and in-store promotions to ensure greater visibility. We mix it well, structure it accurately and implement it effectively. What’s more, we use unconventional and innovative mediums for a competitive advantage and for your money’s worth. A single clear integrated message, rather than a lot of vague messages, cutting across the din of hundreds of commercials every day. As they say, the sum is greater than its parts.

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