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  • Assistance, Advice, Experience.
    Let Our Experts Lift You Up
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Creativity has no limit. What holds people back are predetermined notions. In eventuality, we realize that the only constraint to realizing our dream is our own idea. And that was exactly what brought about the inception of BRAND WAND - the need, the desire, the passion to think beyond, to act beyond, to realize beyond an idea, to be greater than an idea.

BRAND WAND is a hybrid, Innovative & fast growing multinational marketing communication agency, operating on a border-less front, having 100% owned subsidiaries in India, UK, Singapore and Hong Kong. Our intelligent and smart operations are at service for our clients, virtually 24 hours a day spread across all our offices and collaborative networks. We are confident and capable enough to run successful campaigns for the established or fast growing brands, in each of these markets. Apart from our highly experienced core team, our expert panel has many seasoned professionals from across the globe to help shape brands and their communication with the target group in the real time market place.

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We help brands reach out to more people in an easier manner.


We have a dedicated team which will take care of creating to hosting your website.


Combining the modes of communication and marketing messages to advertise a brand is called an integrated campaign.


Creativity is what gives an advertisement an edge over others. Interesting ideas are what actually sells these.


We design and develop most modern Website, do online promotions, SEO, Manage Social Media, ORM and run digital campaigns.


We combines the technique of still pictures and incorporates into a movie.


Market Research & Survey, Data Collection, Data Tabulation and Analysis.


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